Named in honour of Viking God Thor’s mighty hammer! MjĂžlnir* Tools are designed by craftspeople for craftspeople. 

*Pronounce “mule-near” to sound like you studied ancient Norse or have watched some movies. (Just imagine you are warning someone of their proximity to a donkey)

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mjolnir tool protection spray

Our tool protection oil is 100% pure silicone oil, great for tools but also hypoallergenic, cosmetic grade that is safe and non sensitising for hands . The clever bit? Our silicone oil is sprayable just using the manual pump bottle. This allows us to keep it pure – additive and solvent free.

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Mjolnir tools silicone oil tool protection oil 100%

Our standard tool protection oil is 100% pure silicone oil sourced from the UK. 350 cst Polydimethylsiloxane lubricant that is safe for tools and hands 

Available in 100ml or 50ml bottles both with captive nozzle caps both on amazon UK 

mjonir tools ear

Tinned Earplugs! Fed up of squashed soggy dirty earplugs at the bottom of your tool box? These are EN rated high performance earplugs packed in a user friendly super tough aluminium tin to keep the warm clean and the right shape. 

Buy on Amazon 10 pairs of tinned earplugs

slate jig

Slate Jig tool. Ideal for roofing with man made fibre cement slates this roofing jig positions accurately and holds slates in place leaving hands free for nails, rivets, hammers and holding on! Even works on the first eves row making a neater job from the start. Few dropped slates, less fatigue, less waste. Easily reconfigures for working right to left. Developed by us – made in the UK. 

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mjolnir knife rack in sapele

Our Knife racks are things of beauty and power. Rare earth magnets set into beautiful solid wood. Top quality torx fixings with a choice of two colours.

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